There are many mental challenges that come hand in hand with being a fighter. There are also simple and effective tools that can help


Take away bullet points from Saturday’s session

  1. We have on average 70k thoughts every day - and the majority are negative or not useful. This is a good thing: Our ancestors had to always be on the look-out for danger and this is an evolutionary gift that is not useful today and manifests itself in worry and stress.  When you notice a negative thought, remind yourself that you are NOT your thoughts.

  2. The benefits of meditation cannot be gained in one hour, they require regular practice - just like training your muscles in the gym

  3. We cannot stop the thoughts, but we can learn to observe them - we cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf them - we cannot stop the punches, but we can learn to avoid them.

  4. Top athletes globally are turning to mind training in order to gain a mental advantage over their opponents.

  5. Negative thoughts create the flow of Cortisol and Adrenaline - too much can make your body and legs feel heavy during a fight - and reduce cardio abilities. 

  6. Mindfulness helps to develop states of flow or being ‘in the zone’

  7. We all have negative thoughts but most of us are not all capable of doing anything about it - Mindfulness exercises are our first line of defence.  

  8. Just being human is difficult and very stressful.  Add the additional stresses of having to fight and get hurt compound this immensely and Mindfulness can help alleviate this.

Follow up - starting your own practice.

The fundamental exercise for mindfulness is awareness of the breathe. This is the foundation to all mental exercises that follow. This is also the tool that you can draw from in moments of difficulty and stress. Be confident knowing that you have a weapon in your arsenal to use at all times, but especially when it all gets too much.

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