Mindfulness classes at Gymbox -Train the body, train the mind


How does Mindfulness tie into fighting

Athletes are always trying to gain an edge, and mental training is scientifically proven to significantly increase performance. It teaches athletes to be in the best psychological state of mind when they step into the ring or cage, but just as importantly how to cope with the challenges of the training leading up to the fight, and how to deal with losing, and how to deal with physical pain they may incur.  What goes on inside your mind will influence everything that you do in training and competition. Philip Tieu said that 99% of the fight game is mental. Mindfulness for combat increases performance:

  • Becoming more motivated and goal oriented

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Becoming more consistent in performance

  • Learn how to be in the best psychological state of mind

  • Increasing focus and concentration skills

  • Learning stress management skills to perform better under pressure

  • Can be used to prevent mental health issues

  • Greater well-being, academic and social outcomes

  • Coping with the stress of a fight camp

  • Motivating fighters to not lose enthusiasm

  • Dealing with defeat

  • Increased happiness and wellbeing

  • Social, emotional and ethical development

  • Dealing with fear

  • Better sleep, and increased relaxation

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  • Fighters and athletes

  • Those interested in training the mind

  • Those dealing with stress and fear

  • mental training for athletes (with a focus on combat sports)

  • Improve physical health

  • How to develop flow states

What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness: At its most basic level, mindfulness helps train your attention to be more aware of what is actually happening, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen. We learn to bring greater curiosity to whatever it is we experience. Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founding father of secular mindfulness, described this skill as ‘being alive and knowing it’.

What Mindfulness isn’t: Mindfulness is not simply emptying your mind, nor is it just chilling out. It is the skill we develop to observe thoughts and then to bring our attention back to the present. It is not religious or spiritual - the techniques and the results are tried/tested and science based.

What the science says: We have over 70k thoughts everyday! Through mindfulness we learn to witness the thoughts rather than being a passenger to them. Doing as little as 10 mins a day, we can begin to form new neural pathways in the brain, our ability to concentrate increases, we become more productive and it helps to provide a mental space for flow. Mindfulness is also proven to help with physical pain and recovery. For more science and details visit https://mindfulnessinschools.org/the-evidence-base/

Guided Meditation - Back to the breath exercise

What the 1 hour class will entail

 Each session will be geared towards the gyms requirements, the level of experience of the group, and the outcomes and objectives will be discussed agreed upon. However, what will always remain constant in the classes are:

  •  Dialogue and scientific explanation of what goes on in the brain and body

  • Explanation of the benefits – both physical and mental

  • What is stress and what causes it at the core

  • Total of 4 meditations within the hour: 5 mins, 10 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins.

  • Meditations will consist of breathing exercises, body scan and visualisation

  • Lessons on how to apply these techniques at home, at work, in training and in the ring.

  • No tools or equipment required. Just a quiet space with chairs or mats.


About Gui Hung

Through 8 years of Podcasting and speaking with the leading thinkers on the subject of Mindfulness, Gui has become a key person of influence in the Mindfulness community. His podcasts (link here: www.mindfulnews.uk/podcasts) include guests such as Jon Kabat-Zinn (the father of modern Mindfulness) and Daniel Goleman (who coined the term 'Emotional Intelligence'). Gui turned this passion of Mindfulness, conversation and helping others to teaching Mindfulness at the corporate level (Credit Agricole, BBC, Westminster Kingsway College) and in the Martial Arts space - Including Team Tieu (students include current European Muay Thai Champion).