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I have always been passionate about helping people. After losing my mother at a young age, I was Fostered into a loving family and this made me want to give back. So after university, I went to teach in China for two years and this lit a fire under me to expand my reach and help others. I began my own podcast over 7 years ago on the subject of happiness and this platform led me to meet and exchange ideas with leading thinkers, scientists and authors on the subject of mindfulness and strengthened my passion for helping others. This combination of conversation, Mindfulness and helping others, led me to develop Mindfulness courses that incorporates, the science-based facts and my unique testing and tracking methods allow for the fastest progress and to ensure the life tools become life traits. I want to help as many people as possible - If i can do that full time, then what a blessed life I will have. The path is the goal.


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